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Iconic Ray Bans at Eyewear Gallery!

We have one of the largest selections of Ray Bans in our area.  See our Video and our staff optician Aleisha explain all the ways you can wear your Ray Bans.  They are for dress, casual, fun, sun and shade/s. … Continue reading

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Energy Conserving – Vision Damaging?

Conservation you might say is relatively not a new term or focus.  Conservation has been around since Teddy Roosevelt;  wanting to preserve our lands.  We are grateful for his and others efforts to preserve nature.  Since then, a big rush for conservation of … Continue reading

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Are contact lenses the right choice!

How well do contacts work for our work vision, our play or chill time?  In our office we see many working people: surgeons, accountants, artists and many cool people from all walks of life and all ages who work on … Continue reading

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ADHD may be the reason for learning disabilities for kids and adults!

  Watch this video clip on News Channel 3 with Alex Coleman and Mary Beth Conley with Dr. Warren Johnson, Melissa Moore and daughter Maya Crawford.  Listen to the discussion and the relationship between vision problems and ADHD and how … Continue reading

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Social Media- It’s pitfalls and advantages #EyeLoveGlasses

This short video explains how social media and tweets can help any business and a huge benefit is linking short input links on twitter to more embellished topics.  I find the following statistics pretty amazing. 72% of US adults use … Continue reading

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Michael Scott in The Office: Is your office racially and culturally diverse?

I hope you checked out this video.  This is a topic that is tread gently.  Our office has regarded diversity as a strength and embraces diversity.  It is noticed by patients and well received.  It shows openness to all who … Continue reading

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Bifocals Contact lenses?

I wear bifocals, can I wear contacts? Many patients come in wearing bifocals and ask if they can wear contacts. Your glasses prescription will not be the same as your contact lens prescription, especially for patients that have astigmatism.  Contact … Continue reading

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