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The holiday season is all about giving back. There are so many ways to be thankful.  I think this is a time for renewal for thought in giving and being thankful.  I am thankful for the people in my life because they give so much to me.

It is a good time to reflect and be mindful and thankful for those gifts we receive from our community as well.  Eyewear Gallery is more than eyecare and eyewear, it is a brand and we like to think what we do is giving back to the community every day.  Many people give every day to their communities in different ways.  They may give of their time, they may give of their financial support or they may give to the people they encounter and never realize the gift they may have given.

Eyewear Gallery sponsors numerous charities and contributes by donating in patron’s names to support many Memphis organizations. For the Arts, Eyewear Gallery has selected Playhouse on the Square to sponsor and support.

Playhouse was selected because of their contributions to the arts in our community. Playhouse on the Square is a true gift to the city but not just during the holiday season. They give to Memphis, throughout the year. Playhouse on the Square helps young artists get their start. They also give accomplished artists the platform they need to flourish in their community and beyond. Their efforts have helped develop our community intellectually and creatively giving our city a place to come together and experience real life entertainment.

In support of the arts, artists, and the many programs that Playhouse on the Square provides for our community, Eyewear Gallery has developed a program of its own called “Give and See”. Its purpose is with every purchase of glasses from Eyewear Gallery, a donation will be made in a person’s honor to Playhouse on the Square.

Dr. Warren Johnson | Dr. Do Nguyen | http://www.EyewearGallery.com

428 Perkins Ext.

Memphis, TN 38117

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Dr. Warren Johnson | Dr. Do Nguyen

428 Perkins Ext.

Memphis, TN 38117

(901) 763 – 2020


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Don’t Let Contact Lens Solutions keep you from wearing contacts!



There are many contact lens solutions on the market to store and disinfect your contact lenses.  Many people wear disposable contacts and all except the one day disposable contacts require contact lens solutions to prevent bacteria from growing in your contacts that can cause sight threatening conditions.  Prior to using a new solution, read all the instructions on the box and bottle and follow them carefully. If you have questions, contact your eye care provider.

One of the most effective solutions is a hydrogen peroxide system.  These don’t have preservatives in them. This solution can be a good choice for people who are allergic to preservatives in many contact lens solutions.  Never rinse contact lenses with hydrogen peroxide solutions. And, don’t put these solutions directly in your eyes, the FDA cautions. Hydrogen peroxide solutions come in a red bottle cap to help avoid confusion.

BE CAREFUL:  Without neutralizing the peroxide, when you put contacts in your eyes YOU will have tremendous burning, stinging and irritation and possible corneal abrasions . Sometimes, the contact lens case contains a neutralizer, but if not, you’ll need to add a special tablet to neutralize the solution.

Before choosing a contact lens solution, talk to your eye doctor about what is the best cleaning and disinfecting method for your contact lenses. Never change your contact lens care system without consulting your provider.

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Eyewear Gallery staff help at FedEx House for Kids!


Eyewear Gallery sponsors many charitable organizations locally and otherwise.  We close our office every week for a couple of hours to come up with ideas to help each other take care of our patients.  As a result of these meetings, we pick events and charities where we can give back to the community.  This gives us more than we give. Our entire staff vote to pick a charity and we embrace the effort to give back because so many people give to us in our practice.  We appreciate the efforts that our staff make to make that happen.  We are impressed with the efforts of the FedEx house team who work to make life comfortable and more tolerable for the families and kids of St. Jude who are given a place to live while they undergo a difficult time in their lives.

http://www.EyewearGallery.com                             Drs. Warren Johnson |  Do Nguyen




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Do Sunglasses lenses wear out?


light bulb

When our patients come in to our office, we want to make sure we practice preventive eye care in their yearly comprehensive eye exam, so people don’t outlive their vision.  The age old saying “carrots are good for your eyes.” is true but many things protect our vision throughout our lives.  Foods help protect our vision and are very important.  We discuss this as part of the eye exam and explain to our patients why they are important.

Food groups such as green leafy vegetables and colored vegetables provide protection to our eyes whether we are exposed to UV or not.  The other layer of vision health protection are glasses with lenses that provide Ultraviolet protection.  How do we protect our eyes when indoors or outdoors?  What comes to mind?  Outdoors would be sunglasses.  Indoors would be clear lenses that have Ultraviolet protection as well and preferably with a blue light absorption component.  Most people don’t know the importance of UV protection indoors.

Indoors and outdoors we need Ultraviolet protection.  Don’t be duped by seeing and getting sunglasses you see have UV protective stickers because they may or may not be and can possibly do more harm than good even if you like the way you look in them!:)  Do you ever see UV stickers on pickup readers?

Do Sunglasses wear out?  Does the UV protection in glasses for indoors wear out?

Exposure to the sun may deteriorate your sunglasses over time and the lenses may become lighter in color and alter their full need for vision protection.  It may also diminish the impact resistance of lenses which means how ‘shatterproof’ the lenses are.  Current national standards require that sunglasses provide levels of UV protection.  But some slip through to the consumer that are not.

The aging test on Ultraviolet protection in lenses was done in Europe, Brazil, New Zealand and Australia.  These were countries that they felt UV exposure might be at its greatest based on their proximity to their regions and equator.  The test exposes sun glasses and Indoor glasses to a simulator for 50 hours.   The lamp exposure is equivalent to two days in a natural environment on a summer’s day, or four days in winter.

Interesting to find out that most Brazilians replace their sunglasses every two years. Tests for ultraviolet protection was done to see how UV safe the sunglasses are to wear for these two years.  The test assumed that the people wore glasses and/or sunglasses 2 hours/day.

Exposure will vary among world latitudes, with tropical countries being of most concern, as UV indexes are extremely high in summer and remain high in the winter. Therefore, sunglasses worn in the southern hemisphere may need replacing more often than in those worn in the northern hemisphere.

“The study calculations were carried out in 27 Brazilian state capitals and data for 110 national capitals in the northern hemisphere were also included. Calculating the equivalence of the simulator to natural light is an estimate because when an individual wears sunglasses, the lenses are not directly exposed to the sun, as they are usually worn in the vertical position.”

The studies did show that UV protection in lenses did diminish with time and light exposure in and out of doors on cloudy and sunny days.

Lenses should provide adequate UV filters, because insufficient protection could lead to deterioration to the cornea which is the windshield of the eye as well as to the internal structures of the eye. This UV exposure was the potential cause of edema (swelling of the eye which can distort vision), pterygium (growth of pink, fleshy tissue on the white of the eye that can interfere with vision), cataract (clouding of the lens of the eye) and retina damage in the form of macular degeneration( permanent loss of central vision).

Be an advocate for eye health and eye exams!

People ask if they need to wear sunglasses in non summer months or cloudy days and we tell them definitely yes.  They then ask why do I need to protect my eyes inside as well.  It is because of the exposure we have to ultraviolet light in the blue light color spectrum. Where does that come from indoors?  It comes from our light bulbs, our phones, our kindles, our computers and electronic pads.  The bottom line is that natural and non natural light damages our vision.

The confusion is obvious.  The word sunglasses denotes their need only when the sun is out.  Most of us think of the sun being out when it is summer time and the sun is out most of our waking hours and more hours that time of year.  Indoor glasses are not thought of in terms of them needing to be protective to our eyes as well.  I know we see UV protection stickers on Sunglasses in stores that people pickup but have you ever seen pickup reading glasses with a UV sticker.

I found this story interesting and thought it would incorporate what we preach in our practice about UV exposure.  I think people would better understand the need for UV protection if we designated its level of protection on clear lenses and I’d like to change the name for Sunglasses to “Outdoor Glasses! ,” b/c they should be worn any season when someone is outdoors on cloudy or sunny days.

This story was one we practice and when we found the story on the loss of UV protection in aging lenses we thought it would be good to share.


http://www.EyewearGallery.com                                         Drs. Warren Johnson and Do Nguyen



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What is your Face Shape?

Glasses are a fun and cool accessory to your personality, style and clothing.  Not all glasses are suitable or complement a person’s face or personality. Many people assume they know what looks good but it might not be the best style based on your facial features.  Visit our website to help you determine the best look for your best glasses styles.  There are four main face shapes.  It’s best to determe what is you face shape, with a makeup makeover before choosing the right shape of glasses and sunglasses.  Eyewear Gallery has the best designer glasses and sunglasses, the best experts and the most current technology to help you see yourself in different styles of glasses.  So, start with your makeup and makeover so you can be the best model for a glasses styling makeover!

http://www.EyewearGallery.com  Dr. Warren Johnson| Dr. Do Nguyen  901-763-2020

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How do I pick the right pair of glasses?

Eyewear Gallery specializes in taking care of you.  When people need new glasses, they always need help.  Many men and women may pick glasses that don’t complement their face shape or color.  Watch this video to help you determine which glasses are best for you before you go shopping.

After seeing this video visit Eyewear Gallery’s website http://www.EyewearGallery.com and look at our videos under View Our Selection for a personalized style guide for men, women, tweens and kids!  We look forward to seeing you.

http://www.EyewearGallery.com  Dr. Warren Johnson | Dr. Do Nguyen  901-763-2020



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Iconic Ray Bans at Eyewear Gallery!

We have one of the largest selections of Ray Bans in our area.  See our Video and our staff optician Aleisha explain all the ways you can wear your Ray Bans.  They are for dress, casual, fun, sun and shade/s.

Call to Schedule your Eyewear Makeover and / or your eye exam.

http://www.EyewearGallery.com         Dr. Warren Johnson| Dr. Do Nguyen

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