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Bifocals Contact lenses?

I wear bifocals, can I wear contacts? Many patients come in wearing bifocals and ask if they can wear contacts. Your glasses prescription will not be the same as your contact lens prescription, especially for patients that have astigmatism.  Contact … Continue reading

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What do the Memphis Grizzlies and your Eye Doctor have in common?

The Memphis Grizzlies are in the Playoffs and are working hard everyday to reach the NBA finals. They practice everyday, from the weight room to the court, but have you ever considered how a player’s vision may affect the game? … Continue reading

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Dr. Warren Johnson- Eyewear Gallery – LIVE Radio Interview on WYPL FM 89.3 on Allergy Eyes in Memphis, Tennessee

Studies show 60-70% of our population suffers from allergies. Many allergies in Memphis and the Mid South are caused by pollen and the hot and humid environment. Allergy Eyes may be caused by: Environmental factors Medications you may be taking skin lotions … Continue reading

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Did you know your eyes are more important than your teeth?

In a lifetime, a person will have over 160 dental check-ups, but only 16 Eye Exams! We have to join together to change this! Most American’s pay far more attention to their teeth by going to the dentist and only go … Continue reading

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Longer Eyelashes the natural way, without a Prescription Medication!

Are you looking for a way to have longer lashes without getting a prescription from a doctor? The Doctors of Eyewear Gallery in Memphis, Tennessee have researched a product that utilizes a natural process to enhance eyelashes growth! Zoria is … Continue reading

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