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Bifocals Contact lenses?

I wear bifocals, can I wear contacts? Many patients come in wearing bifocals and ask if they can wear contacts. Your glasses prescription will not be the same as your contact lens prescription, especially for patients that have astigmatism.Β  Contact … Continue reading

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Dry Eyes affect your work and play?

Many people tolerate eyes that bother them.Β  They may think that they have seasonal allergies.Β  Sometimes they think if they take allergy meds when their eyes are itchy that that should make them feel better.Β  Many times they use over … Continue reading

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What does your dog and your eyes have in common?

Its allergy season in the south and pollen is starting to cover everything from our cars to our homes! Have you ever thought about how that pollen gets into your home? Our pets are one of the most common methods … Continue reading

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