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Bifocals Contact lenses?

I wear bifocals, can I wear contacts? Many patients come in wearing bifocals and ask if they can wear contacts. Your glasses prescription will not be the same as your contact lens prescription, especially for patients that have astigmatism.  Contact … Continue reading

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May is Healthy Vision and UV Awareness Month! The video interview talks about how to protect your eyes so you don’t outlive your vision.  Spring has sprung and Dr. Warren Johnson and Melissa Moore of Eyewear Gallery were on News Channel 3 to explain how to keep … Continue reading

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“I don’t wear glasses and see fine”

Dr. Johnson I don’t wear glasses and I see just fine.  I see 20/20.  I’ll come and get my eyes checked when I can’t see. I hear that all the time.  You may think you see well without glasses and it’s … Continue reading

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What 20/20 Vision Means!

The term 20/20 has become synonymous with many things that are perfect, even outside the world of vision. In the world of vision, 20/20 vision is considered “normal” vision. This means that the patient sees the same line of letters/objects … Continue reading

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