Eyewear Gallery helps the Urban Community!

urban gradeners binghampton

This picture shows some of the volunteers for the Binghampton Urban gardeners community project.  Many businesses and groups help the community that we live in.  One of the cities blighted but upcoming areas is the Binghampton neighborhood between Poplar and Sam Cooper Blvd and Tillman and North Parkway in Memphis.  Dr. Warren Johnson and his office support this effort by helping grown vegetables for the area.  The garden patches came about by going into the neighborhood and finding small parcels of dirt. These parcels can range from side yards of existing homes, torn down homes or even raised bed parking lots.  These efforts support Caritas House which helps get kids off the street and doubles as a community center and a restaurant that uses these fresh produce grown by the Binghampton urban gardeners.  The gardening is a year round project and has many committed members.  Carl Awsumb was the founder and it has been in existence for 8 years.

You may be surprised to learn that some of the produce that you get at the farmers markets are from our community gardens.  We pay the young people in the neighborhood for helping us work the gardens and they receive food to take home, in an environment that teaches them about nutrition and helps keep them off the streets. This area has grown with many refugees who have found and live in the community and are helping with our efforts.

Come out and help this great community project of Binghampton Urban Gardeners and contact Dr. Warren Johnson at wjohnson@eyeweargallery.com

http://www.EyewearGallery.com | Dr. Warren Johnson | Dr. Do Nguyen | 901-763-2113


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