Ray Ban is Iconic Year Round

It’s summer.  We all start to think about sunglasses. RayBan was first on the American scene in Aviator sunglasses in the 1940s.  Civilians then wanted to look like American Pilots and so the look was copied.  Now, everyone could wear an aviator and wear the same look.  Patriotism or not, it defined a certain feeling and image.  That feeling continued for some years and is still copied by many glasses manufacturers. There is only one Aviator and that is RayBan.

RayBan also emerged on the Eyewear Scene in the 1960s when the Wayfarer was one of the few frames that redefined the “cool and style” in sunglasses.  It was almost America’s uniform for sunglasses.  Rayban is now the most popular name in the eyewear world.    RayBan glasses may be worn for fun, work or sport.  They are indistinguishable.


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There is only one Aviator and Wayfarer and those are RayBan!

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