Are all prescription glasses made the same?

Eyewear Gallery in Memphis, Tennessee specializes in customized glasses and sunglasses for our patients and patrons .  Most people think that wherever they get their glasses made, it will be the same quality and correctness.

Unfortunately, this is not the case.  Different prescriptions need different types of lenses for glasses that are chosen.  Some lenses are light in weight, thinner lenses, more impact resistant and safety lenses types of lenses.  The clarity will differ from one lens type to the other.  The consumer does not know this.  There are many different lens types in the market and with each there is a variety of quality to help you see your best.  The less you pay the lesser the lens quality, safety, thinness and clarity.

The show “60 Minutes'” did a segment on how accurately made are your glasses.  This segment found that the prescriptions from mass merchandisers were not accurate in many cases as the actual glasses prescriptions written and the measurements necessary to be made correctly for the lenses in your frames.

Most people only know if they want to wear a no line bifocal or trifocal.  People don’t know about the blue light damage to their eyes that develop from the use of electronic devices from their phones, computers or overhead fluorescent lights.  There are protective filters that may be customized to protect your eyes from the use of these devices.  People in many cases don’t know that there are digital lenses cut to best match their prescriptions which increase  their peripheral vision.  They may ask our office in the exam room or our optical staff if we have the “no line”.  Some may ask if we have the “Transitions”.  Some may ask if we have that “non glare coating Crizal”.  We have the products that they have heard about and can explain how they work and if they are the best corrected solution for their vision and their glasses.  There are sports specific lenses that are customized, computer lenses that are customized, digital lenses for your glasses in bifocals which are made for your best peripheral vision and reading. That is a professionals job to let you know what is available and what is and are the best choices for all of your vision needs in different environments.  Eyewear Gallery in Memphis, Tennessee specializes in this knowledge for our patients and patrons.


The cheaper the lens and glasses,  there is usually lesser vision quality.  Mass merchandisers usually have less knowledge about lens products.  They only have one or two types of lenses and the questions that they ask are not very customized.  I worked for one and know there is nothing wrong with that, they just don’t have access to quality products and this allows them to cheapen their prices which the consumer does not know but only understands that they pay less.

Schedule an Appointment to have your eyes examined for their health and the best correction for your glasses.  Dr. Warren Johnson| Dr. Do Nguyen




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