Prescription Youth Sports Glasses


Year round our youth play sports.  Some of these are more contact than others.  It has been noted the number of injuries from sports our kids participate.  It is recommended that all kids have their eyes examined yearly to have their eye health evaluated.  Not only do sports pose a potential risk for sight threatening damage but kids may have some difficulty seeing and it has not been detected.  If it has not been detected that they need some form of vision correction they may still be at risk if their vision is not clear to play their sport.

Symptoms that a kid may need some visual correction may be blinking, squinting, getting close to their digital devices or needing to sit in the front of their classroom.  Pay attention to their visual habits because they may not tell you!

Kids don’t mind wearing cool looking glasses or sunglasses.  Make sure that the protective sports glasses are something that they will like and wear.  If their eyes are examined yearly will determine if they need a prescription in their sports glasses/sunglasses.  Many will wear protective sports glasses in the form of sunglasses.  However, not all of our sports are out of doors.  Make sure that their lenses are made of impact resistant plastics.

Get out there and have fun!  Schedule an eye exam before you start playing!

Dr. Do Nguyen | Dr. Warren Johnson



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