Spring into Sports Adults and Kids!


The COMPETITIVE Edge for Kids and Adults

Do you have the right lenses and contacts for your sport of choice?

Today’s sports safety eyewear protects a new generation of young, intense athletes

Children are playing at a higher intensity than ever before. Backyard baseball games have segued into batting coaches and travel teams, while a bicycle ride in the park now means courses, stunts, and fancy tricks.

More than 40% of parents with children who play organized sports say their children do so year-round.  Those parents are also more concerned than ever about their kids’ safety while involved in sports—nearly 88% of parents have concerns about risk of injury.

The optical industry has responded to this call with a full lineup of sports safety eyewear, taking adult models and downsizing and adapting the technology to the stars of tomorrow in training.

The scope of protective eyewear is also expanding, growing the potential audience beyond children with vision correction and including adult participants in sports to meet the need for eye protection. The National Eye Institute notes that while many youth sports leagues don’t require protective eyewear, parents and coaches should encourage its use. “Parents and coaches must insist that children wear safety glasses or goggles whenever they play.”

The health organization also encourages parents and coaches to model safe behavior, during practices and even on the sidelines. This includes pushing schools to adopt eye safety programs and wearing safety eyewear while coaching players on the field.

While the most typical recommendation for children’s safety eyewear is polycarbonate lenses, the product options offered today take other factors into consideration as well. Ventilated frame fronts maximize air flow, and styles that wrap into the temples provide protection from projectiles ranging from fingers grasping for basketballs to hard-hit baseballs skipping on the infield.

In addition, many kids’ styles feature stability as a major factor in their safety eyewear, often offering a strap temple option for comfort under helmets and strap-ready openings in temple tips to keep eyewear where it should be: doing its job and protecting eyes to the max.


Which sports hold the most risk for your youngest patients? The following sports are ranked as the highest risk for eye injuries by the National Eye Institute.









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    Please ask Dr Johnson what kind of lenses/frames he would recommend for muskrat shooting!

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