Are Contact Lenses Safe for you?


Many of us love the freedom of Contact Lenses but are they safe for your eyes?  People like to wear contacts for their appearance and some patients  with high prescriptions like them for the peripheral vision that they provide.  In some cases, their peripheral vision may be better than glasses.  Some people want to wear contacts to have some freedom from glasses.  Ask yourself, how well do contacts work for my work vision, my play or chill time?  Contact lens wear is not limited to teens and younger people.  Contact lens technology now is advanced and joined the age of disposability for even bifocal contact lens wearers.

Contact lenses have been studied a lot and they are approved by the FDA as a medical device.  Unfortunately contacts are commoditized so people think of them as just a purchase to see but never thinking about them causing damage.  People/Patients don’t know that they are regulated by Food and Drug Administration and should only be fit by an eye doctor.   We do fit contacts for patients with healthy eyes.  Disposable contact lenses are a good choice for dry eyes.   Did you know that when someone has worn contact lenses for 20 years, their eyes health ages about 20 years over their own age?


Blue light has been researched and talked a lot about lately.  We are finding that blue light  comes in condensed forms from all of our electronic devices and even our home and office lighting.  It may and can damage vision permanently!  Symptoms may be dry eyes, blurry vision, headaches as well as neck and back pain.  For these devices contact lenses don’t block the blue light and may cause some eyestrain versus glasses that are better for working on our digital devices.  Professional recommendations are always best in your education in this matter before you make a decision on a pair of sunglasses, glasses or contacts.


The question that remains is what is the best way to protect the health of your eyes and prevent damage from electronic devices that we use daily.  Would it be contacts or glasses.  In terms of seeing, both options may work.  There is now new technology in lenses made for glasses that are fully protective from damaging blue light exposure.  These lenses are recommended for electronic device usage and are more protective for your eyes than contacts.  Blue light protection is also very important when we are outside; which may be found in polarized or non polarized sunglasses whether we wear contacts or do not.

My personal opinion is that children, tweens, adolescents and adults should enjoy the new technologies provided by contact lenses.  Contacts, if worn, should be worn on a daily wear basis.  People shouldn’t wear them all day and never sleep in them.  They should wear glasses at least 5 hours/day.  This will help in preventing eye infections and corneal damage.  Contact lenses are great for sports and a daily wear lens is great but should only be worn maximally about 10 hours/day.  Contact lens wearers should wear glasses alternately even if they don’t use electronic devices just to safeguard their eye health and this will help ensure that they will be able to wear them well into their later years.

Make sure you ask your doctor about the health of your eyes and the safety of contact lenses.  Don’t just buy more boxes!  Come to the doctors at Eyewear Gallery to ask questions you might have about contacts lens options available to you and/or glasses options that might work. Schedule an appointment to find out more about the latest advances in contact lenses.   Dr. Warren Johnson| Dr. Do Nguyen   901-763-2020






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