Do You Wear Costa Sports Sunglasses?

Sports sunglasses come in many sizes and from many manufacturers.  Eyewear Gallery produced our own video focusing on Costa del Mar sunglasses.  While they may be purchased off the rack,  the real difference is finding knowledgeable people who can explain the frames and lenses to see which work best for your hobbies or lifestyle.  Eyewear Gallery will customize your choice in both frames and lens designs for your prescription lenses or bifocals or even if you don’t need a prescription.  Costa Sunglasses are iconic in the outdoor sports world.  They have mainly been worn for fishing especially deep sea fishing.  Eyewear Gallery has a great selection of Costa sunglasses for all sports and ages.  After watching this video come to the Eyewear Gallery to try some of these on your face and see the difference in clarity for the great outdoors.  They could be a great Valentine’s Day gift!

Schedule an Appointment and come find the look for you.  901-763-2020 Dr. Warren Johnson| Dr. Do Nguyen


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