The latest technology for your Contact Lenses

The above Youtube video on how to wear contact lenses and we found it explains Eyewear Gallery’s position on how to wear your contacts, whether you are a contact lens wearer or have never worn them before.  Eyewear Gallery helps train patients understand the appropriate wearing schedule for contact lenses.  The main thing is that “We find that most people don’t wear their contacts appropriately and this increases their risk of eye infections and loss of vision.”  Eyewear Gallery does many tests for contact lens patients to make sure the patient is educated about the most recent technology advances in contacts and if their eyes are a good match for contact lenses or a different type of lens possibly if they have worn them before.  The patient is made aware of complications to their vision from misuse of contact lenses even if they are approved to be slept in.  Many times contact lens wearers have never known that their contacts are risks for doing permanent vision damage.

Eyewear Gallery runs a battery of tests to see if they have some degree of dry eyes or scratches to the front of their eyes with the use of flourescein staining and blue light.  Most have no symptoms.  It is always our policy during the exam to warn our patients of inappropriate contact lens wear.  Many times if we haven’t seen them before in our office; they do not know the risks they have  been taking with their vision.  If we see that there is damage, we may suggest another type of contact lens, wearing them less or discontinuing contact lens wear until we assess conditions are stable.

Contact lenses are approved by the branch of health care in our Federal Government called the FDA also known as the Food and Drug Administration.  This branch has determined that since contact lenses are worn on the eyes that they are classified as a Medical Device and must be fit by an eye doctor.  People confuse contacts thinking that they are just a device they can just order.  They sometimes don’t care or don’t know the importance of these risks.  That being sad, they order from 1-800 companies who fill prescriptions, sometimes without the doctor’s approved prescription and the patient has no way of knowing if this was done or is legal or safe for their eyes.  We all want to save money but make sure that your eye doctor has approved your eyes for contacts and that if they were ordered from sources outside the doctors office is what the doctor prescribed.  It is best that you have your eye doctor fit you in your contact lenses and let him follow up with you to see if they are fitting you well, your vision is the best and your eye health is good.  He or she is is wanting the best for their patient is more than likely happy to change to another type of contact lens to make you see your best.

Don’t forget to protect your eyes by wearing prescription sunglasses even if your wear contacts such as Oakley prescription Sunglasses, for outdoor sports or activities so you don’t have to wear contacts to wear sunglasses.  Our contact lens patients usually love the lessened dependence on their contacts if they have prescription sunglasses for outdoors and glasses that allow them to see if they don’t feel like wearing their contacts on certain days.  If you are a “died in the wool” contact lens wearer and you will positively, absolutely only wear your contacts, have a pair of glasses to wear as a backup if your have an eye infection.  Wear non prescription sunglasses over your contacts when out of doors to protect your eyes from developing cataracts and macular degeneration which can cause permanent loss of vision.

Come to the Eyewear Gallery to try on the latest technology in contact lenses and for outdoor activists, make sure that you have some prescription sunglasses and non prescription sunglasses even on cloudy days all 4 seasons of the year.  Schedule An Appointment! Drs. Warren Johnson| Do Nguyen Medical Optometrists 901-763-2020



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