Listen to this radio interview on health and vision risks of exposure to Blue light and UV radiation!

Radio Interview on WRVR’ with Mandy Morgan host and Dr. Warren Johnson with Melissa Moore speaking on Ultraviolet Radiation and blue light which are potential causes of cataracts, macular degeneration, migraines, seizures and some eye cancers.  We all know something about UV and its harmful effects to our eyes and skin.  Many of us do not know that it is mainly the blue wavelength of light which is found outdoors and from all of our electronic devices is the major culprit causing damage to our eyes.  Blue light and UV are associated with cataracts and macular degeneration as well as many health problems.  


UV rays are constantly surrounding us on cloudy and sunny days all 4 seasons of the year.  To protect your eyes, polarized lenses or UV filtering lenses worn outdoors may prevent or retard the development or progression of cataracts, macular disease and other eye health problems.  Wear a wrap type or full facial coverage type of frame and lenses.  The most damage to our eyes from UV is done from 0-18 years of age. Have your children start protecting their vision by wearing sunglasses.  Most people think that they know old family members may have lost their vision because they were old. The fact is that those sight threatening phases were slowly occurring the whole of their lives.
Our takeaway here is that blue light is part of the light emitted in UV exposure.  Blue light is emitted from electronic devices and from outdoor exposure.  Blue light emitted from our electronic devices have flicker pattern movement and besides causing damage to our eyes may also cause migraines and seizures.  Blue light from our electronic devices can cause a loss of ability to fall asleep.  This may cause people to be prescribed medications which they don’t need.
Clear UV protective lenses would be helpful in preventing vision damage if worn when using these devices, even if you don’t need glasses!

To learn more, visit Eyewear Gallery.  Visit us on youtube at  Dr. Warren Johnson   Dr. Do Nguyen



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