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Are contact lenses the right choice!

How well do contacts work for our work vision, our play or chill time?  In our office we see many working people: surgeons, accountants, artists and many cool people from all walks of life and all ages who work on … Continue reading

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How to adjust my Oakley Sunglasses!

50-75% Off Sale on Select Glasses and Sunglasses * Some exceptions apply

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The latest technology for your Contact Lenses

The above Youtube video on how to wear contact lenses and we found it explains Eyewear Gallery’s position on how to wear your contacts, whether you are a contact lens wearer or have never worn them before.  Eyewear Gallery helps … Continue reading

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ADHD may be the reason for learning disabilities for kids and adults!

  Watch this video clip on News Channel 3 with Alex Coleman and Mary Beth Conley with Dr. Warren Johnson, Melissa Moore and daughter Maya Crawford.  Listen to the discussion and the relationship between vision problems and ADHD and how … Continue reading

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Listen to this radio interview on health and vision risks of exposure to Blue light and UV radiation!

Radio Interview on WRVR’ with Mandy Morgan host and Dr. Warren Johnson with Melissa Moore speaking on Ultraviolet Radiation and blue light which are potential causes of cataracts, macular degeneration, migraines, seizures and some eye cancers.  We all know something … Continue reading

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