Feast Your Eyes for Thanksgiving!

On Thanksgiving Day, we may get lost in the real meaning of what we are thankful for.  Yes, we are thankful for that beautiful bird that most of us will enjoy eating!  How did this beautiful turkey bird and all of the great foods to go with it come to be?  What do we have to be thankful for?  Remember that on this day our cups are not anything but full.  It is not a time for half empty or half full as the cliche goes.  Take this day and the moment to be thankful for everything that has been part of your life.  Be thankful for what is good in your lives.  Be a part of other’s enjoyment and celebrate them and our lives together; now and with those who were once with us.

This summer we went to Cape Cod.  The transfixed land of gentle breezes and beautiful skies, temperate and time stood still.  Foolishly, I thought for some reason it was a city near Boston!  The joke was on me.  I found that the cape had a number of beautiful small towns.  Chatham is where we stayed and truly a place where modern influences lightly touch time standing still.  The Cape, as you know, is actually the arm and hammer peninsula that exudes from the Massachusetts mainland and surrounded by history.  Enjoyed by many for years.  An excursion to another city while there on the cape of Provincetown is where I reflected back on the Pilgrim’s landing and their surviving that winter to establish theirs and our first colony for what we now know to be America.  The obelisk stood tall like a mini Washington monument with the names of our original surviving founding fathers.  Among them were English, Irish and scattered other European derivations.

The lighthouse and the monument made me realize that the light shone on our shores and the monument to these brave pilgrims was missing something.  It was our Native Americans who taught them how to raise their crops in this new land that they could store food they had raised to get through and survive the winter.  I met on the Cape descendants of those founding fathers who were great,great…….grandchildren of those names on the monument and knew that for both them and us without the native Americans, those names would not be on the obelisk and neither would many of us be here.  I looked at the dates of colonization and knew from Columbus’ discover that many exploration expeditions had taken place for over one hundred years and previous pilgrims had all been wiped out for lack of food in the winter.

Let us remember on this Day,  all of our pilgrims, native Americans and democracy whom our veterans helped preserve and the Native Americans who taught us how to survive so we had a democracy to live for and protect!  Happy Thanksgiving!

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