How to pick children’s glasses!

We all know moms figure out what’s best right?  Moms know that their babies, tweens and teens need their support on many things;  like it or not!  When it comes to health care and eye care, it’s not only the doctor looking out for your youth’s vision but how they feel about it.

Parents worry about their kids being ridiculed or bullied.  When a child has an eye exam, it is important for the child to feel good about how they look in a cool frame.  If they don’t wear their glasses it doesn’t do them any good.  However, these days glasses are cool and mom’s assistance with the kid, tween or teens likes,  may make all the difference.

In a professional setting with the help of an expert, it should be of great help and give peace of mind.  An eye doctor’s office should have several optical specialists let you know what kids, tweens and teens like and the feedback they get from both the parent and the youth.  The sense of the parent coupled with the expertise of and optician should make the parent and youth happy.

Eyewear gallery has a team of trained specialists that are used to listening to kids and parents and then figuring out what will make them wear their glasses without being nagged by teachers or parents.  This should be a good and fun experience for all besides your kids being able to see! Drs. Warren Johnson | Dr. Burt Bodan

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