Is Jeb Bush going to wear glasses for his party?

jeb bush
Jeb Bush is still rivaling Donald (the Donald) Trump.  He, Bush opened up with some rare campaign insight Tuesday night, talking in personal terms about pressures that candidates face “to change who you are.”
The Republican presidential candidate said there are so many suggestions of consultants who determine how you should look. “It’s well intended. I’m not being critical. There’s a lot of it.'”
Bush said he was advised to stop wearing his glasses — a suggestion he happily ignored. If he wins, Bush would be the first president to wear glasses full time since Harry S. Truman.
“I can’t see without glasses,” Bush said with exasperation, drawing laughs from the audience as he spoke at a town hall in Lebanon, New Hampshire. “I’m not going to take off my stinking glasses.”

Bush joked that perhaps it was the combination of wearing glasses with his “bushy eyebrows” that turned people off.
“I mean we have committees formed to deal with this. I have people all across the country worried about how I look,” he added with sarcasm. “I think I look pretty damn good.”
The Eyewear Gallery helps people like former governor Bush with or without bushy eyebrows find a pair of glasses that make you look your best!  Don’t take your glasses off Jeb, we the people, need you to get us out of debt. Dr. Warren Johnson | Dr. Do Nguyen


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