Are Vision difficulties related to ADHD and Learning Disabilities?

Many times children and adults have attention difficulties.  I for one do as an adult, have attention restlessness.  I never had a learning disorder or was it thought to be.  In fact the notion never came up.  I think there are alot of adults that may have ADHD so this is not a malady for only children.  Adults may be stymied in their personal and work life.  They probably weren’t treated for this as children or had their vision examined by their Optometrist so a pattern was established.  It could also be that they enjoy multible stimuli and work very well because of their restlessness and needing multiple tasks to keep them focused.

The learning disabilities and ADHD (attention deficit hyperactive disorder) may be linked to having difficulty in seeing.  Schools may label kids who are restless and non attentive as either problem kids or have the ADHD disorder.  If the child is truly ADHD, the misnomer is that they are not intelligent and have learning difficulties.  While in fact, they are usually very intelligent and are bored because they may not be able to see.  The schools are too quick in labeling and send them to a doctor who usually puts them on medication to calm them down and help them be more attentive.

In our office, we see many children who are taking ADHD medications and find they have vision difficulties.  It only makes sense that if a child cannot see, then they are not going to be interested in studies.  This is sad,  they may grow up being labeled.  If the doctor the teacher referred, routinely had kids read a vision chart, if they read well he or she may tell the parent that the child’s vision is fine.  Many schools also have vision screenings and if the child passes, we hear the parent say that my child passed their vision test at school and sees fine.  What they don’t realize is that this was not an eye exam.  It may and probably did not determine if the child actually needed some visual correction assistance.  Most of our learning is from reading and that is not measured by an eye chart.

The schools, for the most part, never suggest that before the kid visits the physician, that they have their eyes examined first.  It may be a combination of visual difficulties and ADHD( attention deficit hyperactive disorder).  If they were sent to their Optometrist first, it may be determined that their attention and restlessness was a result of poor vision needing correction with glasses or contacts.  It could also be a combination of ADHD and poor vision.  A complete eye exam is necessary to determine the difficulty of the child.

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Dr. Warren Johnson | Dr. Do Nguyen


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