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Do Dogs have Color Vision?

Veterinarians used to believe that dogs saw only in black and white, but recent studies suggest that they actually do have some color vision—but it’s not as bright as a human’s. As it turns out, dogs have only 20% of … Continue reading

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Are Vision difficulties related to ADHD and Learning Disabilities?

Many times children and adults have attention difficulties.  I for one do as an adult, have attention restlessness.  I never had a learning disorder or was it thought to be.  In fact the notion never came up.  I think there … Continue reading

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Project Runway Guru: Tim Gunn says “Make it Work” for your face shape!

In this video Tim Gunn explains the different face shapes that can be enhanced by certain glasses and sunglasses shapes that compliment your face.  As he says “Make It Work.”  In this video he explains how to make the most of what … Continue reading

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Summer Sun may cause Vision Loss and Eye Cancers!

In “The Blog” for the Huffington Post (7/7), author Kim Dramer writes that “summer sun poses significant issues for eye health and vision.” To protect “vision during the summer months and beyond” from the harm caused by ultraviolet rays, including … Continue reading

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What is the Easiest way to make Homemade Ice Cream? 15 minutes or less!

As summer rolls to an end, we may think at the last minute what was it that we said we planned to do at home that are just simply good and fun things to eat or do.  Today before the … Continue reading

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