Swimming at the Beach May Cause Eye Infections!

beach hawaii

Ahhh,  it’s still summertime and we may have planned on still working in that last vacation trip to the beach before summer’s end.  I always thought that given the nature of salt in the salt water of the ocean that you would not be prone to eye infections;  only my eyes stinging from the salt water.  Salt in salinic for does kill alot of bacteria.  But now we have found out that a swim at the beach may result in eye infections.  It is possibly that certain contaminants in the water are not hindered by salt.

A recent article was published in the Wall Street Journal which reported that people taking a swim at the beach may end up needing medical attention to deal with eye infections.  The story came from a study published in the Journal of Water and Health. Researchers arrived at this conclusion after analyzing data from more than 54,000 swimmers.  I guess the best advice is don’t stop frequenting the beach but wear swim goggles and see a medical optometrist right away if you have crusty eyelids or lashes, itching or really reddened eyes.

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