Do You Want Your Dog to be Your Eyes? #Seeing Eye Dogs

This video is funny and heart warming.  Many of us have dogs.  Dogs are people’s kids, family members and for some people, their eyes.   This video shows that if a dog can sense the need to take care of another dog in need, then we should help those who may need our help.  For the sake of this blog, we will limit it to vision!

Vision is one of our most valued senses.  Several million people a year in the U.S., go blind needlessly.  For a wealthy country, that is a huge number.  We can give blindness stats all day long but have you ever thought what this means to be a blind person?  Personally, I can’t imagine but I know the impact this must have mentally on visually impaired people.  Their ability to work and earn a living is limited, their ability to socialize and live a full life is limited. These are normal people who have unimaginable limitations and untapped talents.  The number one cause of vision loss and blindness worldwide is not having access to eyecare and visual corrective means.

The fortunate visually handicapped are able to afford their companion in a “seeing eye dog,” who gives them another set of eyes.  They help those fortunate blind people, live as close to a normal life as possible.

Our profession is eye health care and we find many patients don’t understand vision.  Many think their vision is nothing more than whether they need a new pair of glasses, contacts or neither or not yet!  People love information.  We thrive on it from social media, internet news, television, papers or the radio.  Our day to day learning requires our ability to see or hear.  Let’s make it known that prevention of blindness relies on information to understand that blindness can be prevented.  Eye exams should be part of your life’s routine every year or twice a year.  This doesn’t mean you need new or any glasses or contacts.  If your vision plan doesn’t cover an eye exam your major medical insurance may.  Don’t let cost be a factor.  We take better care of our teeth.  Our office devotes time each week in providing free vision screenings each week.

Let us be as be as selfless as our four legged friends when it comes to being aware and sympathetic of handicaps.  Don’t wait until your dog becomes your sight!

Dr. Warren Johnson | Dr. Do Nguyen


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