Don’t pee in the pool: Urine in pools can cause pink eyes!

Underwater brothers portrait in swimming pool.

I hope we all enjoyed our holiday weekend.  Much of our 4th of July celebrations may have been centered around water or swimming pools.  The rest of this hot summer will also expose you to pink eye for various reasons.  Have you ever peed in the pool?  We all reluctantly would admit to it at some point in our life.  As funny as it sounds, did you know you can get pink eye.   You aren’t safe to relieve yourself in a pool, lake or ocean either.   You shouldn’t swim if you are sick or have any open wounds. Take a shower and a bathroom break first.  However, don’t avoid the fun!

Remember even though you’re there for fun, you are potentially sharing body fluids with eyeryone in the water.  To prevent eye infections, I recommend no one ever open their eyes underwater, and you can do this, but it is highly recommended that you wear swimming goggles. Obviously, remove contact lenses before swimming.  Swimming goggles are custom made by our office in your prescription which will be determined in your eye exam.  This will help avoid needless forms of pink eye.

See your eye doctor if your eyes stay red and produce any discharge or are painful after your fun in the water!

Dr. Warren Johnson | Dr. Do Nguyen


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