Visine: Are Your Eyes Dry or Allergic Eyes? #Eye Love Glasses

Is you vision blurry?  What do you do when your eyes are red, watery or itchy?   Do you go to the store or the medicine cabinet and reach for the Visine?  Visine can actually harm your eyes!

Most people try to treat themselves.  The misnomer is that products that are over the counter or that you may have at home may be harmful to your eyes.  Why you say?  The reason is because you don’t know what is the cause of your irritated eyes or reduction of vision.

You need to go to your eye doctor and make sure that the cause is not from other prescriptions that you may be taking, the environment outdoors or indoors, certain seasons, your pet, or if you have had corrective vision surgery,  or even from excessive working on your computer.

Dry eyes may be very painful.  Some dry eye patients may only experience occasional watering and a feeling that something is in their eyes.  There are varying degrees of dry eyes that my need prescription oral medications, topical prescription eye drops, bandage contact lenses or even steroids and goggles.  You may notice a foreign body feeling in your eyes.  You may only need eye drops occasionally or every few hours.  Sometimes contact lenses may cause eye dryness or cause you to not be able to wear contacts.  If your eyes are irritated when your wear contacts you need to discontinue wearing contact lenses until you see your optometrist.  The good news is that their are treatments for dry eyes but you need to see your eye doctor to treat and evaluate your eyes.  Changes and comfort level of vision are needed to be diagnosed so the proper treatment regimen will prescribed and not self prescribed.    A different type of contact lens may allow you to wear your contacts.

If you feel that you have eye allergies which are often noticed by the patient with watery eyes, itchy eyes and some clear goop coming from your eyes.  This condition may be caused by your pet, seasons of the year, or you are prone to eye allergies.  Your vision may also be affected.  Many people say: I know I have allergies and I take an antihistamine.  Oral allergy medications may cause your eyes to be dry and not treat the itchy allergic symptoms.  You need to see your optometrist to see if you have only allergic eyes and for that, most of the time a prescription eye drop may need to be prescribed.  You may have an eye infection combined with allergy eyes that would need to be diagnosed and a combination of prescribed eye treatments may be needed to be prescribed.

See your eye doctor if you have any of these symptoms because you cannot detect or diagnose your eye problem.

Dr. Warren Johnson | Dr. Do Nguyen


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