Bifocals Contact lenses?


I wear bifocals, can I wear contacts?

Many patients come in wearing bifocals and ask if they can wear contacts. Your glasses prescription will not be the same as your contact lens prescription, especially for patients that have astigmatism.  Contact lens prescriptions cannot be corrected to the same level of clarity as your glasses prescription.  This may cause the patient to lose some clarity of vision compared to what they may be able to see with their glasses.

Because some people do not see well out of bifocal contacts they choose to wear reading glasses over their contact lenses? Bifocal contacts may be an option for you but maybe not.

Bifocal Contact Lenses are designed to provide vision for people who have a condition called Presbyopia.  Common symptoms of presbyopia include having to hold things further out to see, such as menus and your iPhone. Bifocal contacts have a range of powers in them that offer vision for near, intermediate and distance.

Bifocal contacts may not be for everyone. Many people suffer from Dry Eyes that would not make these people good candidates for contact lenses. The increase in computer usage may also contribute to dry eyes because the more we stare at a computer screen, the less we blink. Many patients often report that they see much better out of their glasses than their contact lenses. This is especially true with patients that have a lot of astigmatism. You may not be able to see 20/20 in bifocal contacts but you have to try them on first and have the doctor tell you how well your vision is correcting with them in your eyes.

It is important to have a yearly eye health exam with your eye doctor before you consider contact lenses. Dr. Warren Johnson and Dr. Do Nguyen examine how you use your eyes daily and other factors that may affect contact lens wear including Dry Eyes and Allergy Eyes.

We all want to see our best. No matter what we are doing, we always want to see crisply and clearly.  Not all bifocal contact lenses are created equal. Older bifocal contact lens designs did not satisfy many people which lead to frustration and inability to adapt. Eyewear Gallery in Memphis, Tennessee specializes in the latest technology that allows for a greater variety of designs that can be custom fit to each patient.

Dr. Warren Johnson & Dr. Do Nguyen


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