Dry Eyes affect your work and play?

Allergic and dry eyes in patients may not be Lasik candidates

Allergic and dry eyes in patients may not be Lasik candidates

Many people tolerate eyes that bother them.  They may think that they have seasonal allergies.  Sometimes they think if they take allergy meds when their eyes are itchy that that should make them feel better.  Many times they use over the counter standbys like Visine.  This doesn’t help them and can make the problems worse.  Many people think that if their eyes are bothersome just use some drops they can pickup to rewet them.  They may or may not know or have been diagnosed with dry eyes.  How would you know?  If your eye doctor has examined you and told you that your eyes are dry, he should be the one to prescribe eye drops that improve your discomfort and rule out eye allergies.  If your eyes are chronically dry, your eye doctor may suggest that you have a blood work up done to see if you have a health problem that would cause your eyes to be dry.  Many people don’t realize the damage contact lenses can do to their vision and can be the culprit of dry eyes and infections.

Many people’s job performance or electronic device time may be affected by blurry or uncomfortable vision that may be caused by Dry Eyes. From the office, to the classroom and even at home, electronic and digital devices are everywhere and we are using them more often. When you use an electronic device, including your iPhone or computer, you blink less which can cause dry eyes. Dry Eyes can cause blurry vision, burning and red eyes among other symptoms. Only your eye doctor can determine what treatment option is appropriate for you.

There are various specialty treatments that the doctors at Eyewear Gallery in Memphis, Tennessee prescribe to patients in order to alleviate dry eye and eye fatigue symptoms.  Dr. Warren Johnson and Dr. Do Nguyen carefully examine how each patient uses their eyes daily.  Specialty Dry Eye Treatments are used that include the use of preservative free eye drops, Prescription eye drops, oral supplements, face mask heat therapy and minor surgical procedures which are done in our office. Once a treatment begins, the patient returns for follow up exams to ensure that their prescribed treatment is working and to give the patient the opportunity to ask the doctor any questions they may have about their therapy.

Current statistics show that more than 59 million Americans suffer from Dry Eye Syndrome. With the increased use of digital devices and prescription medications that can cause dry eyes, that number is sure to increase overtime.  Emission of blue light from our computers and IPhones may also be the culprit of dry eyes, as well as cataracts and macular degeneration.

Most importantly, have your yearly eye health exam to help detect early signs of sight threatening conditions.  Don’t outlive your vision and think you may need a change in your prescription so you can continue to see 20/20 vision.  This is true for adults and children alike.  Schedule An Appointment! http://www.genbook.com/bookings/slot/reservation/30150274


Dr. Warren Johnson | Dr. Do Nguyen


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