Prevent facial and lid cancers: Sunglasses are Sunscreen for your Eyes!

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We often are faced with the question which polarized lenses are best for your upcoming beach vacation and other outdoor activities. The beach environment is host to a number of obstacles that can impact the way you see. From blinding glare off the water, to sand blowing around from the mid afternoon sea breeze, the right type of Frame and Polarized lenses can make or break your day. Which Color Polarized lenses are best for your beach vacation.  We always recommend a lens that is best suited for the way you use your eyes daily and a bright sunny day requires a dark grey polarized lens that will dim the lights enough for a relaxing day. A mirror coat on a dark grey polarized lens will allow you even greater contrast in bright direct sunlight and give you a cool look. Your view will be enhanced and provide a comfortable and relaxing experience. Mostly importantly, your eyes will be protected from ultraviolet radiation and the harmful consequences of the sun.

On those days when the sun is hiding behind the clouds, a higher contrast lens is necessary to enhance colors and brighten the day to make it enjoyable. A bronze polarized lens with a custom mirror coating will allow you to see your best on partly cloudy days and still allow your eyes to be protected. Harmful ultraviolet rays A,B and C are present at all times during the day, regardless if the sun is out or not.  You should wear your eye sunscreen protection all 4 seasons of the year whether it’s cloudy or sunny!

Other custom lens colors are available for different activities and light conditions. Many people golf while on vacation and custom polarized golf lenses will enhance colors and contrast on the course and ensure a low score! After your round, as the way you use your eyes changes, a different custom lens may be more suitable for your afternoon activities such as paddle boarding or sunbathing. Custom Fit Sunglasses are available for this situation with interchangeable lenses that will allow you to quickly change lenses as you move on to your next activity.

It’s important to wear polarized sunglasses, even if the sun is not out; anytime you are outdoors or driving, no matter what activity you are involved in throughout the day. Eyewear Gallery in Memphis, Tennessee specializes in Custom Fit Sunglasses and Custom Polarized Lens Colors that are available with your prescription including bifocals and magnifiers.

Dr. Warren Johnson | Dr. Do Nguyen | Dr. Burt Bodan


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