Did you get your sunglasses from a sporting goods store?

Sticker none EG

Wear these custom made sunglasses from Eyewear Gallery, No UV sticker!


UV Sticker doesn’t guarantee protection!

Does a sticker on your sunglasses mean they are UV protective? It’s not always the case!

Many times we hear patients talking about how they picked up a pair of sunglasses from a local sporting goods store during a recent trip. They often report that their sunglasses are too tight or fall off their face. This is often the case because many sporting goods store sunglasses are a one size fits all. The importance of a custom fit cannot be stressed enough. The sun is harmful to our eyes and if not properly protected, can cause sight threatening damage. Just like you wear sunscreen at the beach, sunglasses must be worn to protect your eyes. Poor fitting sunglasses that fall down your face or squeeze your head can cause a problem because they are not properly fit to protect your eyes.

Eyewear Gallery in Memphis, Tennessee specializes in Custom Fit Sunglasses for all outdoor activities and conditions. The experts at Eyewear Gallery use the latest technology to custom fit sunglasses based on your face size and shape. They also recommend specialized lens colors to enhance contrast and protect your eyes. Your prescription may be put into your custom fit sunglasses to allow you to see your best. Magnifiers and bifocals are available in your prescription so that you can read your kindle or watch outdoors while protecting your eyes.

Don’t lose those nice sunglasses, make sure you are wearing your head strap or croakies!


Dr. Warren Johnson | Dr. Do Nguyen | Dr. Burt Bodan


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