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Dry Eyes affect your work and play?

Many people tolerate eyes that bother them.  They may think that they have seasonal allergies.  Sometimes they think if they take allergy meds when their eyes are itchy that that should make them feel better.  Many times they use over … Continue reading

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Prevent facial and lid cancers: Sunglasses are Sunscreen for your Eyes!

We often are faced with the question which polarized lenses are best for your upcoming beach vacation and other outdoor activities. The beach environment is host to a number of obstacles that can impact the way you see. From blinding … Continue reading

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May is Healthy Vision and UV Awareness Month! The video interview talks about how to protect your eyes so you don’t outlive your vision.  Spring has sprung and Dr. Warren Johnson and Melissa Moore of Eyewear Gallery were on News Channel 3 to explain how to keep … Continue reading

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Did you get your sunglasses from a sporting goods store?

Wear these custom made sunglasses from Eyewear Gallery, No UV sticker! UV Sticker doesn’t guarantee protection! Does a sticker on your sunglasses mean they are UV protective? It’s not always the case! Many times we hear patients talking about how … Continue reading

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