What do the Final Four teams in the NCAA tournament all have in common?


There are many teams that have played in this years NCAA Tournament with the final four teams of Kentucky, Wisconsin, Duke and Michigan State remaining. These teams come from all parts of the country, have different coaches and players, yet they all seem to have one thing in common: Eye Injuries! Many people may think football or another contact sport may have a lot of eye injuries, but in fact it is Basketball that produces the most eye injuries.

Eye injuries can occur in a number of situations, from a player being poked in the eye during a foul play, or a contact that falls out during a jump ball that causes a corneal abrasion. Only an eye doctor can diagnosis and treat these eye injuries so the players are not put at risk for losing their vision.  If an eye injury occurs eye doctors would treat the abrasion with prescription eye drops!

These eye injuries can be prevented! Sports glasses with polycarbonate lenses offer safety and protection from eye injuries and are available in prescription and non prescription. These sports glasses protect the players eyes from the front and the side, helping to prevent injuries from occurring. Many times a strap is used on the sports glasses so they are not knocked off by sudden movements during fast play. It is also important to have your sports glasses custom fit because we all have different size faces and shapes. The experts at Eyewear Gallery in Memphis, Tennessee specialize in Custom Fit Sports Glasses and Sunglasses to make sure you are fit in the correct frame for your face shape and size.

In addition to wearing protective sports glasses, it is important to have a yearly eye health exam. Yearly eye exams help determine if there are any early signs of sight threatening conditions that may have increased risk factors if an eye injury occurs on the basketball court. Schedule your yearly eye health exam today!


Dr. Warren Johnson | Dr. Do Nguyen | Dr. Burt Bodan


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