Where did you buy your latest sport sunglasses?


Eye Love Glasses!  Where did you buy your latest sport sunglasses? Did you pick them up at Bass Pro Shop, another large retailer or from Sunglass Hut? Did you get them because you liked the color, price, or because you saw a sign?

We hear this all the time with patients picking up their sunglasses off the shelf from a large retailer because they liked the color, the look, price or didn’t know the difference. You might say “They are Ray Bans or had a designer name.”  You even say they had that UV sticker on them. Yea, then you got them and found out that when they wear them, they fall down their face or slip down their nose! No one wants to wear sunglasses that are uncomfortable and won’t stay in place. That defeats the purpose! Many times we see that the pick up sunglasses are too big or too small someone’s face. The importance of a custom fit frame cannot be stressed enough. Just like last week, when we discussed how fit translates to function, the proper size and shape must be fit based on your individual features.

Whether you are a biker, golfer, runner or walker, the experts at Eyewear Gallery in Memphis, Tennessee have the right pair of sunglasses for you! Custom lens colors are paired with your activity to enhance contrast and reduce glare. Your prescription can even be put into them so that you can continue to see your best!

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