Why do I buy the latest cheap sunglasses?

Fashion Forward for Fall!

Fashion Forward for Fall!

I find that when I go shopping that when I want to compliment an outfit, I see the latest pickup sunglasses in the store.  Which ones look cool on me and are inexpensive?  I call them cheap sunglasses because I lose them.  Well, that’s just it.  I lose them all the time so I don’t want to spend a lot of money.  I know you are supposed to protect your eyes and they have that sticker that says they are UV protective so away I go with the purchase.

I go to my eye doctor and he explains the difference between sunglasses that protect my eyes with ultraviolet blockage which I know are better but they are more expensive.  I know they are better but I am always hesitant to pay more for something I may lose.

I am now convinced that I should try to buy my sunglasses from my eye doctor and not follow my trend of just getting my glasses at a department like Nordstroms.  Well,  the doctor says that I will keep up with something I spend more money on a lot more than ones I think I can lose.  I guess he is right.

I know Sunglass Hut has been around and has specialty sunglasses but they don’t seem to know a lot about their product so where do I go?  I want to know why their sunglasses are more expensive and I can go online and purchase but I want to make sure they fit my head and are protecting my eyes.

“Dr. Do Nguyen recommends that you have your eye health examined first before you make any purchase for prescription or non prescription sunglasses.”  Dr. Nguyen explained that designer names do provide style and a brand name that we are proud to wear but I like the fact that he tells me the difference between my cheap pickups and good stylish protective sunglasses that he knows about and has in his office. I never thought about getting my Chanel’s from my eye doctor. But, now I know.

Oh, well I guess I should splurge and get some sunglasses that protect my eyes from cataracts and macular degeneration and skin cancers.  I never knew sunglasses should be worn on cloudy days as well as sunny days even in the winter.  Now I know for the ski slopes that’s why everyone wears sunglass goggles.  Dummy me, why do I see people wearing their Chanel sunglasses on the slopes…well they certainly have style!

These are just my thoughts?  What about you?



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