Did you know your eyes are more important than your teeth?


In a lifetime, a person will have over 160 dental check-ups, but only 16 Eye Exams! We have to join together to change this! Most American’s pay far more attention to their teeth by going to the dentist and only go to the eye doctor when they think they “can’t see” or something is “hurting”. The problem with this is that many disorders such as glaucoma, macular disease and cataracts can develop with little or no symptoms. Yearly Eye Exams are imperative to maintaining one’s overall health and detecting sight threatening problems before it is too late.

Don’t outlive your vision! Children as young as 6 months old should have a yearly eye health exam to examine for early signs of eye muscle imbalances that can be corrected if diagnosed early. If it goes undiagnosed, it may have lasting impacts on a child’s vision throughout their lifetime. Many people assume that when they take their kids to a pediatrician or go to the doctor themselves and have a vision screening, that everything is ok when in fact this may not be the case. Passing the eye chart for adults and kids at work or school doesn’t really mean they can see. A yearly eye exam by your eye doctor can detect early signs of glaucoma, cataracts and macular disease that could cause you to lose your vision even if there is no family history or you see fine with your glasses or contacts.

The doctors of Eyewear Gallery recommend everyone have a yearly eye health exam. To schedule, call 901-763-2020.


Dr. Warren Johnson | Dr. Do Nguyen | Dr. Burt Bodan


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