Latest news in coffee: the color of your coffee mug can boost taste!


It’s January and below freezing temperatures have arrived! It’s the perfect time of year to warm up with a hot cup of coffee! But did you ever think about how the color of your coffee cup can impact the way it tastes? A new study has shown that the secret to a better cup of coffee may be choosing the right color coffee mug!

The Australian study tested three different color mugs – one white, one blue and one clear glass. The researchers served the same type of coffee to 18 participants and asked them to rate their sweetness, aroma, bitterness, quality, and acceptability.

“The color of the mug really does seem to have an impact,” said Charles Spence, head of the crossmodal research laboratory at Oxford University and one of the study’s authors. The researchers at Oxford found a particularly significant difference between the white mug and the clear one. The white mug was associated with a more “intense” or bitter tasting cup of coffee versus the clear glass. The blue mug proved to be “kind of an intermediate.” The opposite was true for the perceived sweetness as participants noted less sweetness when drinking from the white mug than they did when drinking from both the blue and clear glass mugs.

So the next time you pour that cup of coffee, whether it’s from Starbucks or your Keurig, think about the color of your mug! It can boost the taste guarantee satisfaction!

Dr. Warren Johnson | Dr. Do Nguyen | Dr. Burt Bodan


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