Christmas Tree Eye Safety: Don’t let this happen to you!

Which tree do you pick?  Real tree or fake tree is everyone’s choice.  Obviously real trees are more hazardous from getting that tree in the stand and those sharp branches and needles.  Don’t let your Christmas tree ruin your Christmas and cause an eye injury before Santa comes or after he has decided you deserve gifts not ashes!  It’s important to be aware of common eye injuries that plague the holiday season. Christmas tree decorating is in full swing, let’s aim to protect our eyes while around that tree!  We had a patient today, as we have had several, that had their eyes scratched by the proverbial Christmas tree branch.
Christmas trees and presents can pose a threat to eye safety in a number of ways. Picking out that Fraser Fir, decorating the tree and placing presents under the tree can all cause an eye injury and eye safety must be kept in mind! Don’t let those coveted packages sharp edges from Santa cause an eye injury like that tree branch in scratching your eyes.
In addition to Christmas tree safety, also bear in mind toy safety,  as it becomes time to open presents! Avoid purchasing toys that have sharp objects or projectile parts. These toys can pose eye safety issues and should be avoided. Make sure toys are age appropriate and always read safety warnings and reviews that may highlight previous problems with the toy.
Children and adults are often so excited to decorate and be around the tree, an accident can happen in a matter of seconds. If your eye is scratched by a Christmas Tree branch, you need to see your eye doctor immediately. Fungus, tree sap, pesticides, bacteria and other harmful material that are often found on Christmas Tree branches can pose a significant risk to your vision if not treated immediately. Your Eye Doctor will determine the appropriate treatment plan of care for your situation.  Look out for the egg nog and Christmas tree combination!
If one of these potential eye injuries happens to you; see your eye doctor immediately!    If you are in our area call 901-763-2020.
Dr. Warren Johnson | Dr. Do Nguyen | Dr. Burt Bodan

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