Blind man kayaks Grand Canyon!


Blind Adventurer Erik Weihenmayer along with blind Navy Veteran Lonnie Bedwell have embarked on a 21 Day, 277 mile journey that led the men down the winding Colorado River in the heart of the Grand Canyon in their kayaks. Erik has been training for many years for this expedition and he will be the first blind person to kayak the route. They are utilizing technology that allows them to hear their guide team via high definition earpieces that are outfitted in their helmets. They also wear eye protection to protect their eyes from the whitewater, flying debris and the ultraviolet radiation from the sun.

“Sometimes people have challenges and don’t feel equipped to handle them, and they allow that dark force to shove them to the sidelines,” says Weihenmayer. “It’s not easy — but use your team, use your resources, and innovate your way through those barriers. Harness those challenges.”

Although this expedition through the The Grand Canyon is extreme, Erik has completed several before including an adventure in 2001 when he became the first blind man to reach the summit of Mount Everest! Erik is also a certified solo skydiver and teaches his own blind downhill skiing technique to groups around the country.

Erik lost his vision at the age of 13 and strives to continue his expeditions to inspire others.

To learn more about Erik and how you can protect your eyes and prevent blindness, call 901-763-2020.

Dr. Warren Johnson | Dr. Do Nguyen | Dr. Burt Bodan



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