Peyton Manning breaks Brett Favre’s Touchdown Record!


What’s up Tennessee Volunteer fans?

Peyton Manning threw the 509th Touchdown Pass of his career on Sunday Night Football, surpassing the record set by Brett Favre and making him the NFL’s all-time leader in touchdown passes thrown! The Football Manning threw to beat the record will be on display at The Pro Football Hall of Fame beginning Monday. With 509 touchdown passes, Manning is chasing the record of completed scoring touchdown passes. He is currently 135 scoring passes ahead of the next active quarterback — the New Orleans Saints’ Drew Brees who has 374 career scoring passes.

How did Peyton throw so many touchdown passes? His offensive line has protected him more than 509 times the same way you should be protecting your eyes! Custom Sport Sunglasses protect your eyes from the football field to the fairway. Even Peyton likes Ray Bans.

Manning has received many awards throughout his football career. He played College Football at The University of Tennessee and previously in the NFL for the Indianapolis Colts before joining the Denver Broncos.

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