Blindness and Vision Loss is a top concern for everybody!


Have your eyes examined yearly!

A recent survey found that loss of sight is a top concern for many individuals. In those surveyed, people ranked “losing eyesight” highly among the worst health concerns that could affect them. Furthermore, When asked which ailment is the worst that could happen to them, blindness ranked first among many that were surveyed.  Many respondents indicated that the “Quality of life” ranked as the possible consequence associated with vision loss and  “loss of independence” as their top concern.
The importance of having a yearly eye health exam is essential to preventing any early signs of vision loss and disease! The doctors of Eyewear Gallery in Memphis, Tennessee want to make sure everyone is having a yearly eye health exam. Many patients with diabetes, hypertension and other system disorders that affect vision may need to be seen more than once per year to monitor changes. These disorders, if not treated and maintained by your doctor regularly, can lead to vision damage or even blindness.
Vision is often thought of as our most valued sense, however many people do not see their eye doctor regularly. Often times patients will not have their eyes examined until they cannot see with their glasses or contacts. Sight threatening disorders such as Glaucoma and Macular Degeneration can develop over time and the patient may not have any symptoms in the early stages. By the time the patient is experiencing visual symptoms, it may be too late and the damage may be irreversible.
The only way to prevent these sight threatening conditions is to have your eyes examined yearly. The early a condition can be detected and diagnosed, the sooner  treatment can begin and vision can be preserved. Our sight is so important and the doctors of Eyewear Gallery in Memphis, Tennessee do not want you to outlive your vision!
To schedule a yearly eye health exam, call 901-763-2020 or visit
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