Transitions Lenses for Children: Help protect and enhance your child’s vision in the #Memphis classroom!


It is important to protect your kids eyes, especially at a young age. The most amount of UV damage a person receives is between the ages of 0-18 years of age: the period of time that they are least likely to wear eye protection. Eyewear Gallery in Memphis, Tennessee offers Custom Transitions lenses for kids that help protect a child’s eyes from harmful Ultraviolet Rays and also allows their eyes to adapt easier to changing light conditions. Transitions lenses for children paired with a premium Non Glare Coating enhances contrast and eliminates glare that many children are experiencing in the classroom as a result of the use of electronic devices such as iPads and laptop computers. Transitions lenses sometimes act as a pair of sunglasses for children to help protect their eyes. Transitions lenses have restrictions when it comes to temperature as they may not darken in warm conditions. In many Memphis classrooms, electronic devices have replaced textbooks and often times emit light that is harmful to a child’s eyes.

Eyewear Gallery takes special consideration to a child’s needs when it comes to selecting a pair of glasses to protect their eyes and enhance their vision. Eyewear Gallery focuses on:
-Fitting glasses to the child’s face shape and size so they function well for the child
-Explaining in detail how the glasses will help the child
-Adjustments for the child over time to make sure they are fixed in the appropriate position
-Taking special circumstances into consideration such as bifocals and special prescriptions to help them see their very best

The Doctors of Eyewear Gallery in Memphis, Tennessee are researching techniques to help children learn in the classroom. With the addition of electronic devices comes more distractions in the classroom. In many cases, a child that is underperforming in the classroom may be misdiagnosed with ADHD when it really may just be an undiagnosed vision problem. The importance of having your child’s eyes examined yearly cannot be stressed enough. During yearly eye health exams, conditions such as lazy eye and other disorders can be picked up early and the appropriate treatment can be recommended and started. The earlier this treatment is started for an eye condition, the greater the chance it will not affect the child later in life. Many times parents will not bring in their children until they think their child cannot see. Waiting until this point can have a lasting impact on the child’s vision.

There is also new evidence that shows how your Eye Doctor can detect early signs of ADHD when it is the disorder. The American Optometric Association has just released A new study from Tel Aviv University in Israel found strong evidence that involuntary eye movement may be an indicator of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). In the study, the results found not only a direct correlation between ADHD and the inability to control eye movement in the anticipation of visual stimuli, but researchers also noticed improved performance by ADHD patients taking methylphenidate, which suppressed the involuntary eye movement to the average level of the control group.

The Doctors of Eyewear Gallery in Memphis, Tennessee want to ensure your child has the healthiest eyes possible and are seeing their very best. In todays digital classroom environment, it is important to make sure your children are having their eyes examined yearly to diagnose any eye strain or eye fatigue that may be a result of electronic device usage. If your child does need a prescription, the doctors will prescribe the necessary treatment and your child’s lenses will be customized to their lifestyle including custom kid’s lenses with Non Glare Coatings and Transitions lenses to eliminate glare and enhance contrast for their young, growing eyes.

To learn more about how ADHD and vision interact or about custom lenses to protect your children’s eyes, call 901-763-2020 or visit

Dr. Warren Johnson | Dr. Do Nguyen | Dr. Burt Bodan


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