How ADHD and Vision Interact – Has you child had their yearly eye exam?


As school is back in session, many children are starting to receive their first test scores of the semester. Some parents will receive scores from their children that are lower than expected and it becomes quickly evident that there may be a problem.

The doctors of Eyewear Gallery in Memphis, Tennessee have done research on the symptoms of ADHD and Vision conditions. Many symptoms of vision disorders mimic those of ADD and ADHD. Children are often quickly and sometimes inaccurately diagnosed with an attention deficit disorder by their pediatrician or doctor and put on medicine to help the child focus. The medicine, such as Ritalin that is often prescribed, may not help their child’s behavior or help their grades because it may be a vision deficiency that is the root of the problem.

Undiagnosed vision problems can often be confused with ADD or ADHD. Attention span, restlessness and frustration in and out of the classroom can result from not being able to process the millions of pieces of visual information needed to learn and function in tasks that are needed everyday. There are many symptoms that visual disorders, ADD and ADHD have in common. Some of these symptoms include:

•The child fails to give close attention to detail and often makes careless mistakes

•The child has difficulty sustaining attention in tasks or play activities

•The child often has difficulty not following directions

•The child often talks excessively

The importance of having a yearly eye health exam cannot be stressed enough. The earlier a vision disorder is detected, the quicker the treatment can begin which may be prescribing glasses or vision therapy for eye turn conditions. This early detect and treatment has been known to have lifelong impacts on a child’s well being and ability to see their best throughout their lifetime.

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