Back in school – Schedule your Eye Exam!


As parents and children prepare to head back to school in Memphis, Tennessee, one of the most important tasks on the to do list should be a yearly eye health exam. As children increase the use of computers and iPads in the classroom, their chances of them experiencing a vision complaint or problem also increases. The more a child stares at a computer screen or iPad, the less times they will blink. This puts the child at risk for dry eyes and visual problems. The amount of glare that is emitted from an electronic device or computer screen can be very harmful to a child’s eyes.

Many schools in Memphis, Tennessee and other cities around the country have implemented a blended learning curriculum that includes the use of more than 13,000 iPads and laptop computers in the classroom. Students will use these electronic devices to download textbooks and other learning tools which will increase a child’s near work. The increase in near work could increase the chances a child is over focusing or experiencing vision problems.

The Eyewear Gallery in Memphis, Tennessee has a pediatric and children’s Vision System that helps determine the eye health and vision of children as young as 6 months old. The system utilizes a series of symbols and videos that are catered towards children and enables The Doctors of The Eyewear Gallery to determine an accurate prescription or eye health disorder.

It is imperative to have your child’s Eye Health Exam yearly to ensure their eyes are healthy and seeing their best. Schedule An Appointment!

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