Memphis Redbirds wear Custom Fit Oakley Sunglasses!


Have you ever been to a Memphis Redbirds game in the summertime and seen the players on the field wearing those Custom Fit Sports Sunglasses? The Custom Fit Sunglasses the players wear are specially designed to enhance performance and safety while they are on the field and help them to win more games and hit home runs!

The Eyewear Gallery in Memphis, Tennessee specializes in these Custom Fit Sports Sunglasses that many of the Memphis Redbirds players wear during each game. Custom Fit Sports Sunglasses can be equipped with your glasses prescription so that you can achieve crisp, clear vision. Specially designed polarized lenses available in custom colors and varying light transmissions are available for every light condition. Specialty frames with Switchlock technology allow custom lenses to be interchanged in a matter of seconds. This interchangeable feature allows the individual to adapt to changing light and weather conditions to keep their eyes protected and safe!

During the early morning and evening hours, a custom lens that enhances contrast and reduces glare is necessary to achieve crisp, clear vision. During the peak hours of sunny days, a dark grey lens with an iridium coating will function best to block out the most amount of light and reduce the glare an individual may experience. From partly cloudy days to the cloudless days of summer, The Eyewear Gallery in Memphis, Tennessee has a Custom Fit Sport Sunglass and polarized lenses for you!

To learn more about Custom Fit Sport Sunglasses, Sunglasses, Glasses and Custom Lenses, call 901-763-2020 or visit

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