The Eyewear Gallery attends Google University in New York City!

WJ JC Google

Dr. Warren Johnson and Chief Optician John Carter of The Eyewear Gallery in Memphis, Tennessee were in New York City last week attending an International Technology Conference and Vision Summit. They also attended the prestigious Google University in Manhattan, spending an afternoon with Google Technology Experts where they trained, test drove new products and shared information about how the Google Glass Explorer Program at The Eyewear Gallery in Memphis, Tennessee is developing. Dr. Johnson and John Carter also were fit in the Prescription version of Google Glass which The Eyewear Gallery is helping bring to the public in Memphis, Tennessee.

The Eyewear Gallery in Memphis, Tennessee is the first in Memphis to be selected as a test site for Google Glass and will be the first to offer Prescription Google Glass to the public later this year in Memphis, Tennessee. Google Glass is the most advanced and cutting edge element of wearable technology, but others are quickly approaching including Meta Pro, Vuzix Smart Glasses M100, Optinvent Ora-S AR, Recon Jet, Glass Up and Epiphany Eyewear all are showing promising development that share similar technology to Glass at a variety of Price Points. One device in particular, Recon Jet, is tailored to the sports enthusiast, which is one of The Eyewear Gallery’s specialties. Recon Jet is equipped with polarized lenses, a high-resolution display mounted below the right eye, and an HD camera pointing outward. There’s an optical touchpad next to the camera and inside there’s a 1GHz dual-core computer surrounded by antennas and sensors like GPS. The result is a host of performance metrics including speed , pace, distance, duration and elevation changes. Optional extras include a heart rate monitor and cadence gauge for additional metric tracking.

While attending the Vision Summit, Technology experts from around the globe discussed Google Glass competitors, the similarities to Glass and advantages as far as technology enabling the devices to pair with a users iPhone or other smart phone device. Rochester Optical was a keynote speaker at the summit discussing their Smart GOLD for Smart Glasses. Scientists at Rochester Optical have designed lenses for Glass that decrease eye fatigue and strain that is created from normal lenses looking at the heads up display. The Rochester Optical GOLD inserts allow a wider range of prescriptions to be fit into Glass including no line bifocals, computer lenses, and other prescriptions. This technology can now be used on well known frames such as Oakley and Ray Ban for sports and daily wear of their prescription.

The Eyewear Gallery in Memphis, Tennessee is proud to specialize in the latest technology, Designer Eyewear, Sports Sunglasses and Designer Sunglasses. Ongoing research and development of Custom Fit Prescription Lenses, including No line bifocals will allow more patients with higher prescriptions to be able to wear frames such as Oakley’s and Ray Bans custom fitted with their prescription. The onsite lab at Eyewear Gallery has most recently launched an increased range for their custom fit prescription lenses that far exceeds what many thought possible. The incorporation of wearable technology into daily life and sports such as running, golfing, and biking will be exciting as users will be able to capture moments with hands free high definition cameras, track metrics such as speed and heart rate, and ultimately protect their eyes from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation that can lead to cataracts, glaucoma, and macular disease. The doctors of The Eyewear Gallery and Staff will be sure to offer the latest technology available to all patients in Memphis, Tennessee.

To learn more about Google Glass, wearable technology and Custom Fit Sports Sunglasses, call 901-763-2020 or visit

Dr. Warren Johnson | Dr. Do Nguyen | Dr. Burt Bodan

The Eyewear Gallery
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