What is your face shape for glasses or sunglasses?


Oval, long, Round, Heart, Square, Diamond – Which shape are you?

The Eyewear Gallery in Memphis, Tennessee custom fits Prescription Designer Eyewear and Prescription Designer Sunglasses according to a person’s unique face shape and style. Face shape may be characterized into one of the following categories:

•An oval face shape is defined by overall balanced features and a narrower chin than forehead.

Round face shapes are circular in shape with nearly equal width and length features.

Heart-shaped faces have a uniquely narrow chin and jaw with a characteristic broader forehead.

Square faces are centered around defined angles in the forehead, cheeks, and jawline.

Inverted triangle faces have a broad forehead with cheekbones tapering to the chin.

The Eyewear Gallery in Memphis, Tennessee utilizes expert skills, analysis and the latest technology to custom fit each patient with the perfect frame according to their face shape, face size, angles, and necessary Prescription to ensure a fit that is uniquely comfortable and functional. Our office uses Technology with iPad’s and software that takes high definition digital images that measures your exact prescription. The custom measurements also accurately measure the bifocal fitting height for patients and pantoscopic tilt to the nearest degree to allow every patient to see crisp and clearly. When these custom digital measurements are paired with The Eyewear Gallery’s custom lens options — the results achieved enable the patient to see their very best, freely and easily.

Whatever your face shape may be, The Eyewear Gallery in Memphis, Tennessee will make sure you are custom fit in Designer Eyewear, Designer Sunglasses, and Sports Sunglasses. From absolutely symmetrical with cheekbones positioned slightly higher than the middle of your face to cheekbones tapering to a narrow chin – The Eyewear Gallery has the perfect custom fit option for you.

Consider us the Eyewear Experts in Memphis, Tennessee for the past 30 years!

To learn more about Custom Fit Technology and your face shape-  Schedule An Appointment!  http://www.EyewearGallery.com or call 901-763-2020.

Dr. Warren Johnson | Dr. Do Nguyen


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