Fox 13 chooses Eyewear Gallery for Google Glass Interview!

Fox 13 chooses Eyewear Gallery for Google Glass Interview!

Eyewear Gallery was picked by Google Glass XE as one of their explorer test sites out 1400 locations in the world to test their product and give feedback for any technical changes or advice to make the product user friendly. Fox 13 News heard about this and decided to interview the Eyewear Gallery because of this new product which is taking the world by storm. It is a camera device that attaches to a pair of glasses that acts like a mini computer. It allows the user to be “in the moment” offering hands free calling, messaging, texting email, photography, video translation even in foreign languages. It has a live news feed for world events.

It’s benefit to the consumer is that it is a small computer as an attachment to their glasses. It can search any topic and talk to you with an earbud hands free.

The Eyewear Gallery is excited to explore google glass and more to come! We will keep you posted! Dr. Warren Johnson/ Dr. Do Nguyen/ Dr. Burt Bodan

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