Trade In Your Glasses at Eyewear Gallery!

ImageHave you ever wondered what to do with that old pair of glasses? Come to Eyewear Gallery and Trade in your glasses! By trading in your old pair of glasses you will receive $50 OFF a complete pair of New Designer Eyewear or Designer Sunglasses! The Eyewear Gallery will donate your glasses on your behalf to local charities and those less fortunate in need. 

One of the leading causes of blindness worldwide is uncorrected refractive errors because prescription glasses are not available to many people in developing countries as well as in our own backyard. Millions of people are functionally blind because of this lack of access to spectacle correction. 

By Trading in your glasses at Eyewear Gallery you will give and receive! The benefits are endless especially to those who are without prescription glasses and thereby limited in their ability to do work and function day to day. 

The Eyewear Gallery proudly supports many local charities and groups in Memphis, Tennessee including The Ronald McDonald House Charities of Memphis, Food for the Poor, Memphis Interfaith Food Bank, WKNO, Ave Maria Nursing Home, Memphis Union Mission for the Homeless, and is proud to be The Official Eyecare Provider of The Memphis Tigers! 

To learn more about The Eyewear Gallery Trade In Your Glasses Program, Visit
Dr. Warren Johnson | Dr. Do Nguyen | Dr. Burt Bodan


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