Turkeys are saying “Why Me?”

It’s almost Thanksgiving and turkey’s all across the land are crying because they know Turkey Time is upon us. Turkey, dressing and all the fixings will be prepared for families that gather to give thanks and wind down another great year. Mashed potatoes, corn, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie and more. The infamous tryptophan will be in action after everyone is full, with it’s sleep inducing properties that will put even the most energized to sleep. The calories consumed will mean gym time for many but what else will be of plenty?

Many of the dishes that are commonly prepared on Thanksgiving include foods such as carrots and corn that are packed with nutrients like carotenoids. Carotenoids contribute to a healthy immune system and help fortify eye health, including pigment preservation to prevent macular degeneration.

Other dishes such as cranberries and sweet potatoes contain antioxidants such as Vitamins A, C, and E that help fight against eye diseases and dry eyes. Pecan pie and fruit dishes contain potassium and zinc which also serve to preserve health tears and avoid dry eyes syndrome.

Old Tom Turkey knows that one of the most common symptoms of dry eyes is actually excessive tearing. The body is trying to meet the eye’s demand for hydration, thereby producing the effect of too many tears.

So when you are sitting at Thanksgiving dinner, surrounded by family and friends, reflect on what you are thankful for and remember all of the eye health boosting nutrients the meal contains.

And the next time you see a Turkey crying, it may not be the oven he’s afraid of, it could be Dry Eyes!
http://www.TheEyewearGallery.com Dr. Warren Johnson| Dr. Do Nguyen| Dr. Burt Bodan


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