Where did you get your Tie?

man with tie

The history of the tie dates back to the beginning of time as they have been worn since the early ages. Skinny or wide? Long or short? Synthetic or silk? What’s your flavor?

Neck ties are made of all types of material: silk, wool, lace, polyester, rayon and of course, cotton.

Where did you get your Tie? Online? From a local men’s store? Neck ties are the hallmark of American formal dress for men. They can be found almost everywhere, from department stores or home goods stores.

Memphis, instilled in it’s southern roots and heritage, is notorious for neck tie’s. From Elvis embellished silk ties to colorful southern gentlemen ties. Memphis is a tie town. Personal assistance in picking out your look and neck tie is always more personable and easier to see how you look. Internet services are great but don’t always afford that option.

How do you tie your tie? Simple or half Windsor? Four in hand or the trinity? Tight knot or loose? The method can give insight to the persons overall organization and structure. A tight neat knot may signal a more organized person, while a loose knot may be a more laid back guy.
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