Eyewear Gallery supports Memphis Runners Club!

MRTC WJ Nick 10K Shelby Forest 10-2013

The Eyewear Gallery, Proud Sponsor of The Memphis Runners Track Club, was on site at The Memphis Runners Track Club Summer Road Race Series 10 miler on Sunday, October 20,2013 at Shelby Forest, just north of Memphis, Tennessee. The race is arguably everyone’s favorite race in the Summer Road Race series and is a real treat for runners in cooler weather when the fall foliage is beginning to change. The event consisted of over 900 runners who are competing to become MRTC Road Warriors! Dr. Warren Johnson and Nick Poveromo were on site and explained to runners the benefits of specialty sports sunglasses for safety and performance. The Eyewear Gallery offers exclusive Custom Fit Specialty Sport Sunglasses for runners to allow them to see gravel, pot holes, sand, and other obstacles throughout their run. Safety Lenses are used to guard against tree branches, bugs, and other debris that may be flying through the air. The Eyewear Gallery has a lens lab on site where they customize Prescription Lenses for all runners and outdoors enthusiasts

The Eyewear Gallery offers high definition contrast in specialty lens designs, and coatings for a variety of conditions including bright sunny days, overcast, dawn, dusk, and everywhere in between. The exclusive technology is specific to our office and is available for multi environment conditions.  Some of the new sports sunglasses have new features such as switch lock technology for quickly and easily changing your lenses.  

As all runners know, you have to adapt to changing conditions, whether its layering clothing, specialty socks, or different running shoes; The Eyewear Gallery helps runners stay cutting edge to prevent injuries and enhance performance.  www.TheEyewearGallery.com  Dr. Warren Johnson| Dr. Do Nguyen| Dr. Burt Bodan



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