Thanks to all of our patients!

How many times do you get thanked for services you consume?  Our office did a survey from the doctors that they frequent, stores that they buy from and various assundries like groceries as to whether they were thanked for their business.

Customer Service Photo

The majority said that they had not been thanked. We find this interesting because businesses depend on repeat business.  What makes your office or business standout?  The bond of friendliness that the patient or customer experiences when they are seen or leave your place of establishment. 

After an office exam our office sends out a survey the patient fills out to express their experience from the time they were greeted, preliminary testing, the explanation of their exam by the doctor and how they were explained by optical staff how their prescription may or may not have changed and what the doctor is recommending.  We find education about product of frames and lenses and listening to the patient to be the most effective in getting back a positive review.  As a result we experience a high 90 percentile of satisfaction from the very good ratings to excellent.  Some feedback we have gotten recently have been “Excellent Experience,” “very friendly knowledgeable staff,” “state of the art equipment.”

We appreciate your thoughts and you may want to suggest this to the places you do business.  They may not be aware of it and as we all know the big box retail stores like WalMart have focused on this aspect of retaining their customers.  Dr. Warren Johnson| Dr. Do Nguyen| Dr. Burt Bodan


About Eyewear Gallery

Eyewear Gallery was established 30 years ago and our office likes to write about many topics that are related to eyecare, glasses and stories that we hope you enjoy. We write about your vision, health and educational facts as well as some fun information. We pride ourselves in medical eyecare and designer eyewear and have received the Peoples Choice Award more than once. We have designer frames such as Lunor, Tiffany, Oliver Peoples and Tom Ford. We also have non designer eyewear and cater to all ages. We stock alot of sunglasses such as Oakley, Wiley X, Costa del Mar, Ray Ban and Maui Jim for sports and outdoor fun. Eyewear Gallery is also known as one of the few Custom Sports Sunglass providers in the USA in both prescription and non prescription. Please visit our website Thanks for visiting and following our blogs.
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2 Responses to Thanks to all of our patients!

  1. Dr. Carolee says:

    You make an excellent point good buddy! It’s all about the everyday sincerities and going the extra mile!!!

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